Ballarat Group Practice Doctors Medical Centre

Fees & Billing

Ballarat Group Practice is a private billing clinic, full payment is required at the end of your consultation. 

All Consulting Doctors at Ballarat Group Practice operate independently and bill under their own ABN at their own discretion. BGP accept payment on behalf of Consulting Doctors via EFTPOS and Credit Card.

All new patients will receive a SMS text message with a link to store your card details for your inital appointment. After you attend the appointment, this fee will be used as your consultation payment. If you need to cancel this appointment, and do so with at least 24 hours notice, no amount will not be charged from your card. Failure to attend your appointment, or cancellation within 24 hours of the appointment, will result in a non attendance fee being charged.

The list below is intended as a guide only. Fees can vary, based on the length of time taken for each consultation, the complexity and the determination of the Consulting Doctors.

Theatre procedures, dressings and wound care, vaccinations, home and after-hours visits, and some other services can incur additional charges. Please ask a receptionist or your Consulting Doctors for further information.

Non-Attendance Fee: If you fail to attend an appointment, or cancel without adequate notice, there will be a non-attendance fee of $60.00 charged. Failure to attend an initial consultation will result in a non-attendance fee of $163.50.

Please Note: Consultation fees are based on AMA recommended rates, however are determined by individual Consulting Doctors.

We endeavour to inform patients about potential out-of-pocket fees on services provided within our Practice and for other referred services.

Please check with your Consulting Doctors or receptionist if you have any further questions.

All emergency appointments are treated as private consultations and are charged accordingly by the Consulting Doctors.


Claiming Your Medicare Rebate

The quickest and easiest way to claim is at the practice, straight after you pay. This is done electronically, either instantly onto your EFTPOS card using a cheque or savings account, or via Medicare Online.

If using Medicare Online and you have registered your bank details with Medicare, the rebate will be deposited back into your bank account, usually within ten business days.

If you have not registered your bank details with Medicare they will send you a letter explaining you have a claim and need to register with them.

To register or update your bank details visit the Medicare website.

For certain services, we will charge Medicare under your name, and in these cases a cheque will be sent to you but is addressed to your Consulting Doctor. You will need to forward this cheque to our Practice at your earliest convenience.