BGP will be running Flu Clinics across our 3 locations on behalf of all consulting General Practitioners. 
Appointments during these clinic times have been set up to allow GP's enough time to administer a flu vaccination for each patient. By running these brief appointments consecutively, we hope to reduce waiting time for patients.
Appointments can be booked through HotDoc or by calling 53 277 277. 
A fee will apply for flu vaccines; though eligible patients (see below) will not be charged.
Patients eligible to recieve a free government supplied flu vaccine are:
  • all individuals aged 65 years and over
  • all Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people 15 years of age and over
  • all pregnant women
  • any person 6 months of age and over with a chronic medical condition as determined by their GP
Private Flu Vaccinations are $22.50